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Lavender Shampoo Bar

Lavender Shampoo Bar


Lavender extract has the effects of soothing and improving your hairs oil imbalance. The Lavender Shampoo Bar contains natural lavender plant extracts to help with itch, dandruff and hair loss caused by oily hair. With a fresh lavender fragrance, it deeply cleanses leaving your hair soft and full of life.  

Lavender is known to:

  • Nourish the hair and scalp 
  • Strengthen hair follicles to promote hair growth 
  • Improves scalp oil secretion and reduces grease
  • Gently moisturize the skin


Sodium palmitate, sodium palmitate oleate, sodium dodecanol sulfate, glycerin, water, shea butter, olive oil, lavender oil, lemon oil, lime oil, juniper oil, mastic extract

How To Use: 

  1. Thoroughly wet your hair
  2. Gently rub the shampoo bar directly onto your hair from your scalp to the ends in a combing motion 
  3. Continue to add water as you create the lather 
  4. Cover each section of your hair while continuing to massage your scalp and hair, adding more water as needed 
  5. Rinse, rinse, rinse and rinse again 
  6. Repeat if desired 

Suitable for oily hair.

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