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I tried Shampoo Bars for the first time - here is my experience

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I tried Shampoo Bars for the first time - here is my experience

I came across Scalp Wash Bar in my search for an environmental friendly alternative to bulky plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles. It's such a simply change that makes the world of difference. I thought why not give it a go! I could help in taking better care of the environment and join a growing popular trend. 

Here is my experience using Shampoo bars:

I first saw Scalp Wash Bar in my Instagram feed. I did a little research on them and decided to just experiment and see what happened. 

Scalp Wash Bar uses no plastic packaging and all-natural ingredients in their products, and this got my attention immediately. 

I started off using the Rose Shampoo Bar. I choose this one because i love the smell of flowers, particularly roses. 

Not only did it smell amazing but it actually worked so well! 

I just wet the bar and lathered it directly onto my scalp and into my hair. It was a bit of a strange sensation because i am so used to years of squeezing liquid shampoo from a bottle. However, the more i lathered the more my hair was completely covered!

After i rinsed it all off, my hair immediately felt softer and squeaky clean! It feels so refreshing not to use any chemical-filled products on my hair. And you can see what a difference it really makes. 

After a week of using the product i feel confident recommending it to everyone! It took a bit of time for my hair to complete adjust to using an all natural product but it was so so worth it. 

I will definitely be purchasing more products  from the range. I am so excited to try the other scents and the conditioner too!

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